LM Train-to-Recruit Program

The Lamprò Mèllon train-to-recruit program is run to place trainees in Lahore, Islamabad, Shanghai and Chengdu offices in a variety of SoC design and related roles. The program spans 3 modules, and trainees are inducted into SiFive China on an as-ready basis. Courses are covered in the following areas: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, English Language, Mandarin (Chinese Language), other regional languages and Soft Skills including leadership, project planning, work organization and problem solving.

All trainees will follow a preplanned, structured course of training. Each course will be of 3 credit hours and for each module students will be working on a 15 credit hour workload. The official timings are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mondays through Fridays with a lunch break from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. The facility can stay open after 6:00 p.m. for extended work provided trainees have requested for the same through their manager.

Training and Recruitment

The training has been prepared under the guidelines of leading industry figures from SiFive USA and the RISC-V Foundation. We believe the best method to internalise industry-ready and employment-ready skills and knowledge is to work on real-life industry projects.

Sr.no. Domain Course
01 Engineering COEN 510 - Computer Architecture
02 Engineering COEN 520 - VLSI Design
03 Language ENGL 510 - Fundamentals of English Language
04 Language MAND 501 - Mandarin I
05 SOFT SKILLS SFSK 501 - Program Management and Scheduling Skills
Sr.no. Domain Course
01 Engineering COEN 530 - RISC-V Architecture Basic
02 Engineering COEN 535 - Chisel Based Design
03 Language ENGL 520 - Righting Writing Skills
04 Language MAND 502 - Mandarin II
05 SOFT SKILLS SFSK 502 - Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Sr.no. Domain Course
01 Engineering COEN 550 - RISC-V Architecture Advanced
02 Engineering CCOEN 555 - On Boarding IP
03 Language ENGL 530 - Spoken English Skills
04 Language MAND 503 - Mandarin III
05 SOFT SKILLS SFSK 503 - Leadership and Conflict Resolution Skills

WHY LM Train-to-Recruit Program

Lampró Méllon’s partner companies in
South Korea and Pakistan


Earn compensation 2-3 X existing industry remueration packages
Rs. 4,100,000/ year
in an international work placement after successful completion of the program

Graduates placed successfully
in StarFive China will be receiving
travel, boarding and lodging facilities


Taught by a world-class faculty and key industry figures including the visionaries behind RISC-V

Global management expertise by indepth training in project management, communication skills, behavioral skills, etc.


Exposure to relevant projects dealing with live challenges in the semiconductor space and beyond.

Ability to converse in the world's second most commonly spoken language – Mandarin


Leadership skills taught by tech gurus, seasoned entrepreneurs and serial investors

Financial Assistance

All applicants for the current intake will be considered for complete financial assistance