Lamprò Mèllon is a premier recruitment – through – training organization with the aim of equipping engineers with skills in Systems-on-Chip Design (SoC) so that they can be at the forefront of the opportunities in the semiconductor industry. We offer a 6-9 month training program focussed on SoC Design coupled with Project Management and communication courses to transform students into expert design engineers equipped with relevant global management skills. A majority of these trainees could be placed worldwide with an initial focus on China and Korea.


To impart and disseminate skills to trainees so as to create expert design engineers ready for the international job market.


To be Pakistan’s premier training organization at the forefront of the Semiconductor revolution creating a place for Pakistan on the Systems-on-Chip (SoC) Design global map.

The training program and the approach to teaching are designed to graduate:

“Skilled learners” with strong engineering, written and oral skills with the ability to think independently and critically and solve problems;

“Global learners” who understand global and cross-cultural relationships, value the philosophy and history underlying the nation of Pakistan;

“Ethical learners” who understand the consequences of their actions and are well-groomed to be active and contributing global citizens.